In the last 9 years since I began my business career I have achieved things that were beyond my wildest dreams. My goals and dreams are always growing and evolving, and as a result of that?

I am too!

One thing that is essential to know about me is that I truly know I am absolutely capable of anything I set my mind to. My goal is for you to leave our sessions with that same outlook and confidence and proactivity. The fact you’re here looking at this now means you’re already on the right path, and I would love the opportunity to play a role in the next part of your journey!

My Story

I started my first business when I was 22. I moved to Aberdeen from Newcastle as my Dad and Step-mum lived there. I had nothing and knew no one. Over the last 9 years that business has grown to become a national provider and market-leader in its field. We have had over 1500 people work for the business in the last 9 years, with over 300 currently on the books.

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In 2017, I then went on to transfer the skills I had gained from my first business to a second business in an entirely different industry! I moved from Hospitality into Beauty with no previous experience in the Beauty Industry, but a determination to learn and succeed. I can proudly say that my Beauty business is also a market leader in its field, and in fact, we are one Scotland’s largest independent salon providers after opening 4 sites within 3 years!


Began Violet Inc. Promotions with a team of 10 sales staff


Violet Inc. expanded to Dundee and trebled operation in Aberdeen


Violet Inc. begins operating in Edinburgh and the team reaches 80 sales staff


Further expansion continues as we begin operating in Stirling and Glasgow


The company continues to flourish and we receive recognition and commendation from local authorities with regards to our high standards and level of compliance with regards to the safe service of alcohol.


Violet inc. expands to Belfast, continues to dominate its market, and with the support of an amazing management team gives me the chance to look at other opportunities


I purchase an existing salon premises in Glasgow City Centre, re-brand it and launch the first 'Nailco Nail Bar' site.


Opened Nailco's second site in Aberdeen. Won two Nail Bar of the Year awards. Featured in Vogue Magazine


Approached by TOPSHOP to begin opening concessions within their stores. Become Brand Ambassadors for an extremely reputable supplier. Violet Inc. continues to hold its place as market leader and supports the growth and development of Nailco Nail Bar.


Launched Event Staff Scotland.
Began Business Mentoring.
Launched The Beautyco Club.
Began the process of creating my own range of revolutionary products in another new industry, ready for launch in 2021.


This really is a super quick summary of me, my businesses and my journey. There are 1000’s of things I can share with you, teach you and save you time with! I very much look forward to sharing more of my experience with you in the future!

Love Jayd xox

What will business mentoring with me involve?

In short? Anything you want it to!

I recommend we start with a business analysis to ensure I can really get to know you, your business and your vision!

A Business Analysis always reveals so much, and often the areas we need to focus on and cover are revealed to us through that.

To give you an example of some of the things we can cover;

  • Business basics and ‘how-to’s’
  • Creating a strong brand and strategy
  • ‘Fresh eyes’ plan
  • Sales and marketing techniques
  • Plans to target specific customers and increase profits
  • Identifying gaps and opportunities in your market to make a HUGE impact
  • Business management advice on a variety of topics
  • Analysis of competitors and strategies to help you get ahead
  • Relationship building and networking
  • Knowledge on to scale a business and growth strategies
  • Logistics and planning for multi-location operation

No two business journeys are the same. Together we will create the right trackable and monitorable programme for YOU, your business, and your goals. I also want to take this opportunity to stress that all mentoring sessions are completely confidential. I understand how precious your business and business ideas are, and Non-Disclosure Agreements are available upon request at no further cost.

Packages & Pricing Information


To launch the club, we are offering the following services at the following introductory prices;

  • One to One Mentoring

    £79 Per Session

    Typical Duration: 60-75mins
    Within your session we will focus on pre-arranged and specific areas of your business that you’d like to improve through targeted help and guidance.

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    Together we will set achievable goals and challenges to encourage and monitor progress between sessions. The recommended number of sessions varies business to business, but I suggest 3 as a minimum.

    The choice is entirely yours though, and you are more than welcome to book just the one!

    Any more than 3 sessions booked in advance will receive a 15% discount.

    Please be aware that there is an increased cost of £25 per extra person who attends a one-to-one session for example, if you and your partner or you and your manager would both like to complete the sessions. This is due to the fact that sessions with more than one client at the same time tend to run on longer than the allocated time for one client.

    Payment plans are available.

    I can’t wait to find out more about you, your business and watch you exceed your own expectations!

    Find out more xox

  • Brand Analysis and Report

    £129 per Analysis

    This involves a full and thorough analysis and report of your current social media / website / branding.
    Also included is a 45-60 minute follow up session to discuss findings / answer any questions.

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    You will be required to complete a small review prior to the report taking place.

    Feedback and suggestions will then be reported back to you and we will go over the information together in our follow up session.

    I will then provide you with a template (which we will fill out together) to help guide you in implementing changes going forward.

    I absolutely LOVE branding, it’s probably my favourite area of business and I would love the opportunity to be involved with yours!

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  • Full Business Analysis Report

    £169 per Analysis

    This involves a full and complete analysis and report of your entire business.
    Also included in this package is a 60-75 minute follow up session to discuss / answer any questions in detail.

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    You will be required to complete a ‘Business Analysis Questionnaire’.

    The questionnaire breaks your business down into sections, involves ‘self-review’ exercises and is the recommended first step for anyone who wishes to begin mentoring.

    I want to make an instant impact and your completion of this activity gives me the tools and information to know where we need to focus!

    This information will then be reviewed, researched and reported back to you in advance of our session.

    The report will contain feedback, any questions I may have and highlight any further points for us to discuss, analyse, and work on together!

    I can guarantee that this analysis and the feedback you will be given, if implemented WILL be the best money your business has ever spent. I can, I want to, and I will help you to get closer to where you want to be!

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  • Group Sessions & Workshops

    Bespoke pricing based on attendees and duration

    Would you like to arrange a group session or targeted workshop for people within your business and organisation? If so, this is the package for you!

    Group bookings are fully customisable and the duration depends on your needs; we can chat this over together.

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    Do you feel like your full management team could benefit from some targeted Business Mentoring? Are you looking to motivate, encourage and provide your team with new methods and ideas?

    Well I would absolutely LOVE to help. I hugely enjoy group Mentoring Sessions and I have years of experience in group sessions and workshops as these are something that are carried out at least twice a month within my business Violet Inc. Promotions.

    From marketing strategies, customer service skills, bonding activities, the list really is endless here, there is so much we can do and these sessions are POWERFUL!

    Please feel free to get in touch and we can chat over the options together.

    Get in touch xox

Please rest assured, all information is entirely confidential and non-disclosure agreements are available upon request at no further cost.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch to arrange a free 15 minute consultation and lets take it from there!

Speak soon! xox

Throughout my business journey I’ve made catastropic mistakes, learned invaluable lessons, and used both of those things to make it to the top of my game ahead of my competitors, despite the odds being stacked against me."


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